To Eat: NYC with kids

One of the greatest things about New York City is simply the variety, it extends not only through the architecture,  the people, and the neighbourhoods but also to the options for eating.

For some people, eating out with kids in general can be a bit intimidating and throwing in an unfamiliar city to the mix can make it seem downright unappealing. However, going to NYC and not experiencing the incredible food options would be a shame, especially given the opportunity to expose the kids to new things – even if Noah just tries to order meatballs regardless of where we go.

I would be lying to say that there haven’t been a few nightmarish meals out where it really just hasn’t worked but in general they seem to rise to the occasion. That said, the fact that I can remember them individually suggests these have been the exception rather than the rule.

Last weekend, we sampled some new spots in the city. Here are some of the highlights.

Best Pizza

Best Pizza

No messing around here with the name. This place is great for a New York style, 20-inch pie that is great just for the novelty factor. The garlic knots are delicious too.

El Toro Blanco

We left happy

We came here for Happy Hour one day and it was an excellent choice with their expansive patio right on 6th avenue that provides endless entertainment for kids. Food was delicious and the Happy Hour pricing is unbeatable.

Momo Sushi Shack

Not sure that this can be considered a restaurant for kids, but with Ella’s love for sushi, it seemed like a cool spot and the vibe is relaxed enough that it worked out well. A bit out of the way at the Morgan stop in Bushwick, but the ‘sushi bombs’ were worth the trek.


Shake Shack

A New York institution. This was the first time any of us had been there but I’m sure it won’t be the last. Great burgers, fries, and of course, milkshakes.


The Brooklyn Star

I have wanted to try this place for a while, and so did everybody else I guess. Even at 3pm on Sunday, there was still a 45 minute wait but once inside the food and drink delivered. Maybe not the best spot to try for brunch with kids on the weekend given the wait but we just took a wander in the neighborhood and checked out Brooklyn Kitchen while we waited for our table. My ‘Bloody Bull’ cocktail was delicious, the donuts are ridiculous and the portions were huge.

Waiting patiently. In flannel, of course. It is Brooklyn.

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