Purchased: A Springfree Trampoline

When I was a kid, the thing I felt I was really missing out on was having a trampoline in our backyard. Every once in a while, we would visit someone who had one and I would never want to get off. Not understanding the severity of spinal injuries, I couldn’t understand why everyone wouldn’t have one of these.

Fast forward 25 years and not only have trampolines become a lot safer (at least this one) but I also finally have one in my backyard. For about the past year we have been discussing getting a trampoline and in April we finally went ahead and got one.

There was never a doubt that we would be buying a Springfree model, given their much safer design where the kids are not exposed to the springs and the net is of a more forgiving nature than some of the other models. However, we wavered on what size to get and watched for them to go on sale.

The model we finally bought is the Large Oval (8′ by 13′) since it fits perfectly into the spot we had picked out for it and intrudes on our backyard very little. Originally I was concerned that this model may not quite be big enough but after assembly and a few weeks of bouncing now, I think this model works well for two younger kids. (and their dad every once in a while)

Overall, this was a great purchase for our family. The kids love getting outside to spend time in the backyard on it and I think they will get a lot of use out of it. The setup of the trampoline is definitely some effort (despite what the videos on the website say) and took us a little over three hours. I would not look at any other models than the Springfree. The setup and the additional cost are both much easier than dealing with one broken arm on a more traditional model.

A note on pricing

Since we decided last year that we were going to buy a trampoline this spring, we have been watching the prices and have realized that there is very little fluctuation. Springfree controls this to a certain degree by their distribution. In Canada, I believe they only sell through Toys R’ Us, Canadian Tire, Sears and Lowes. In addition to that, they seem to give each store access to a slightly different selection of the trampoline models. For example, our model is only sold through Toys R’ Us and the Large Square (11’x11′) model is only sold through Canadian Tire. When I was searching, I tried to find information on the best prices for each of the models and didn’t have much luck. Based on my experience, the best promotion for the large oval is when it goes on sale for $150 off. It seems that the large square (11’x11′) only ever goes $100 off at Canadian Tire while the Jumbo (13’x13′) goes on sale for up to $200 off at Sears and Toys R’ Us. Interestingly, Springfree trampolines are much more expensive in the United States than in Canada. A nice change!



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