In The Hood: Hintonburg part 1

When I first started working at Tunney’s Pasture, the neighbourhood was a wasteland. Lunch options consisted of a place called 3 Kings and Wings or McDonalds. In the twelve years that have passed things have changed considerably and it is now a great spot to go for lunch and run errands during lunch hour. Here are some of the spots we frequent on the east side of Holland.

Rosemount Library

Rosemount library

Bread by Us
A new addition to the ‘hood; fantastic bread, has overtaken Art-is-in as our go-to spot.

Bread By Us

Hintonburg Market
Another new addition to the neighbourhood, this is a nice place for some staples and also for their in-house butcher that makes excellent sausages.

Hintonburg Market

One of the originals in the neighbourhood’s rejuvenation – this place is maddeningly inconsistent and lines up badly if you get there at the wrong time but most of the time they deliver a pretty great burger and fries.


SuzyQ donuts gets an honorable mention for making Ottawa’s best donuts; they don’t quite live up to the Doughnut Plant or Dough standards but they definitely raise the bar here.

Suzy Q

I also realize now that I haven’t even mentioned Back Lane Cafe or the Elmdale Tavern, my two favourite spots for lunch on this end of the street.


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