Camping: Lac Philippe

Last weekend my brother-in-law did our annual camping trip with the two girls. By annual, I mean this has happened two years in a row. (incidentally, also our family’s definition of a tradition)

Last September we visited Fitzroy Harbour and had a fun time setting up camp, building a fire, roasting marshmallows, and canoeing. This year it was more of the same at Lac Philippe, but in the comfort of one of their new four-season tents.

Site 258

I was curious to try one of these tents when I saw them online last year and they were a pretty fun novelty but I certainly wouldn’t see them as a long-term option to camping. For one, the price of them is basically as a high as a hotel room. As well, I realized that even though the weather was perfect, we spent a bit more time inside than we would if we just had the tent.

Lac Philippe

That said, the tents were nicer than I even expected and if the weather was foul they would be a godsend. Each tent is equipped with a three level bunkbed, a woodstove, a fridge!!, a two burner propane stove and a nice table with chairs. The girls loved it – climbing up and down the bunks, going in and out and spreading out their stuff throughout the tent.

The park at Lac Philippe is well-organized and was very clean. I expect that it gets really busy once the summer season starts – parts of the park were still closed at the beginning of June but the beach was pretty full and most of the sites that were open seemed to be occupied. The beautiful weather probably helped with that. Firewood was an insane $9 for a small bundle – a new record, I think!

A great weekend together again and we are looking forward to next year already.


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