Canada Day Weekend: Ottawa

Four whole days off with no travel plans – it’s been a while since that has happened but we did make the most of it this weekend – with my birthday, the big boy’s birthday, lots of relaxing and a few local activities here in Ottawa.

MJMD Pizza

On Friday, we ventured into Quebec, stopping at MJMD Pizza in Old Chelsea first. This is a nice spot, located right across the street from the Chelsea Pub – you make your order inside and they have a really nice patio setup in the back with picnic tables where they bring it out. Good pizza too.  After dinner, we were off to DunnD’s mini-golf for a round. Ella appointed herself scorekeeper and not coincidentally, also had the lowest round. She’s figured this game out…

The champ
The Musical Ride

Although we had never taken advantage of it, every year the RCMP performs Sunset Ceremonies at their training facility just off the Rockcliffe Parkway. The highlight of this event is the Musical Ride, a Canadian tradition in line with the Snowbirds and Tim Hortons. It was a beautiful night for it and people were packed in. It was the fourth night in a row and I overheard one of the parking attendants mention they had about 1100 cars every night.

On Monday, H was back to work so it was the first day of #dadcamp. We headed to the Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum by taking advantage of a library pass. The kids enjoyed making donuts in the kitchen, petting calves, riding on the tractors and exploring the other animals.

You think you’re bigger than me?

Finally, on Canada Day, we had made reservations to visit the Billings Estate for their special tea service. The three-course tea highlighted the countries involved in WWI but they run it throughout the year with a regular menu as well. We were all pretty impressed and for only $12.50, the tea service and museum admission is all-inclusive. We will have to remember this for out-of-town visitors as well.

Tea for one

The weather held out much better than expected all weekend and we were able to enjoy plenty of hours in the backyard relaxing with friends and family as well. Happy Canada Day!

Plenty of hours here.

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