In the Hood: Hintonburg Part 2

Previously, I covered some of my favorite places east of work that I enjoy hitting on a lunch hour or that are part of our rotation for picking up staples for home. Since I’ve been off for a bit, I actually kind of miss the ability to just walk out at lunchtime and pick up some ingredients for dinner.

Here are some of the spots we seem to hit on a pretty regular basis.

Herb and Spice:

Although the Parkdale Market is there for most of the year, this grocery store also stocks lots of local products and has an interesting selection of things that you might not find anywhere else.

Herb & Spice

Wellington Gastropub:

Probably my favourite all-around restaurant in Ottawa – great food, excellent and consistent service as well as menu that changes every day. This place is equally good for lunch or dinner and every Christmas we also organize a group dinner in their private room. Another nice addition this year is the patio that they are planning to put in.

Wellington Gastropub

The Ottawa Bagel Shop:

This is at least a once-a-week stop for us. There is nothing better than one of the warm sesame bagels right out of the oven. Not so fond of all the other flavours of bagel but the sesame are delicious.

Sushi Umi:

One of my go-to spots when I have forgotten a lunch, and also a good spot for take-out sushi. The owner in here is really nice – always looks after the kids when they come in and is really not afraid to try new things in his restaurant which is cool to see. Really delicious sushi as well and some things that I am not sure you can get at other spots in Ottawa.

Sushi Umi

Blueprint Home:

These people are probably sick of seeing H and I in there, although alot of our house is furnished by them. We continually stop in to take a browse since they have a constantly changing stock and lots of great furniture. Our bank account would be a lot healthier if this wasn’t so convenient.

Blueprint Home

Although these are some of our favourite spots, there are plenty others worth mentioning as well. Parma Ravioli provides excellent fresh pasta that we enjoy cooking at home pretty regularly. Restaurants such as The Foolish Chicken, Les Grillades, and Allium on Holland are all great spots for lunch. On Wellington, although I have only eaten there a couple of times, The Flying Banzini wins points with me for his dedication and interesting insight on running a small restaurant that the owner shares on his blog.


One thought on “In the Hood: Hintonburg Part 2”

  1. If you are buying from Blueprint, then they are most certainly not sick of seeing you come around!

    I hate sesamee…and am allergic to it.

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