Things to do: Museums of Ottawa (for free!)

One of the great things about living in the nation’s capital is the availability of many great museums and historic sites that draw in tourists from across Canada and other countries. Despite this, I think a lot of people in Ottawa may take these for granted but we have tried our best not to become part of this group, visiting our favorites on a pretty regular basis. This summer we managed to hit four of them – The Nature Museum, where we have a pass, the Canada Food and Agriculture Museum, the Canada Space and Aviation Museum and finally, the Canadian War Museum.

The kids have aspects of all of these that they really enjoy so it is fun to take them and try to hit a few different parts each time without the pressure to take it all in at once.

One thing that ensures we make regular visits to these museums is the ability to visit them for free, with a little legwork. Most of the museums in Ottawa are free on Thursday nights after 4pm – an incentive to get people out that may not make a visit otherwise. Another tool we also take advantage of are the museum passes that are available through the Ottawa Public Library. I think these are both an excellent idea to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to visit the museums that are meant to represent all aspects of our country. I know that without them, we would be guilty of not visiting as often.

Canada’s war museum 
Pumping water at the Food & Agriculture museum
Taking off at the Space and Aviation museum

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