Planning for adventure in Italy


By the time this is posted, hopefully we will be well on our way into our Italian adventure with our two kids. Just planning this trip has been an adventure so I expect the actual experience will be quite something.

Since we are travelling in what is still a pretty popular season, accommodations, at least good ones, seemed to be a challenge to track down – particularly for a family of four that likes to spread out a bit. There seem to be thousands of great options for a couple, but the requirement of at least two full-size beds really narrowed things down. We have an interesting combination of places we are staying that I hope will work out well. I will report back on that later.

Having so much time to plan this trip almost made it more intimidating – we booked our tickets and knew our itinerary months ago – but there is just so much to see, it is hard to know where to allocate the most time. I made use of a lot of different sites but really got into using travel blogs and food blogs from locals to figure out what was worthwhile. The problem with using a Rick Steves guide I figured out from comments is that all of the places he recommends are full of people from North America that have also read the same guide! To that end, we tried to broaden our planning perspective. Some of the better travel blogs I found, usually written by people who also have young kids, are listed below.

Most of my friends that had travelled to Italy had a bit of a different perspective on things since they had done so without kids. Hopefully if other people decide to take on the trip, I can provide some good tips and advice to them.

Some of my favorite blogs I used are listed below, although perhaps these will change once we follow their advice.

And a bunch of others that I am sure I’ve forgotten….


3 thoughts on “Planning for adventure in Italy”

    1. Great. Once we return I will send a couple of particular things about Rome for you. We will not see Lucca (except from the train) this trip but I’ve heard it is exceptional.

  1. Not that this was ever in the works, but I can’t help imagine the unique factor I would have brought to the trip as the fifth wheel. haha oh boy, i’ll have enough trouble doing a trip to Italy for one.

    Well, there’s always the next Savannah!

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