Leaving Rome

Since we were not too excited about the prospect of driving out of Rome, we employed a pretty common trick and took the train out of the city to Orvieto. Scheduled for about an hour, this trip only took us about 50 minutes and worked out really well since the Hertz in Orvieto is only about a 3-minute walk from the train station. We picked up our car on a great rate from AutoEurope, stuffed our luggage into that little Fiat Panda (literally, stuffed) Another thing I should have added to my Lessons from Italy post, although it can apply anywhere: ‘The car you reserve is not necessarily the car you will receive.’

Once finishing up there, we walked to the funicular that would take us up into Orvieto. The big guy was really excited about the funicular since he had read about one in a book at some point and it did not disappoint. Up the old volcano we went and upon arriving at the top, we realized that we needed to find a restaurant right away as we were all starving.

From the funicular, it is about a 15 or 20 minute walk to head up to the Cathedral and the main part of town but we quickly stopped at La Palma…. where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch on the patio despite being nearly the only people there. I enjoyed the introduction to the truffle region with a house-made tagliatelle tartufo, one of my favorite meals in Italy. Heidi had a funghi pizza and the kids split a margherita pizza.  


As per custom, our custom, this was immediately followed up by another delicious gelato.

From lunch, we headed further into town toward the cathedral and it lived up to all expectations. Absolutely massive, and so beautiful, and the fact that it is perched on an top of this old volcano bluff is even crazier. 

From the Duomo, we wandered down through town, and eventually back through old alleyways and streets to the funicular where we had arrived. At this point it is possible to go through the old city walls and there are some of the most amazing views that left us excited to see more of this area.

The view from above

This was a really worthwhile stop and I think it would actually be a pretty interesting town to spend more time in. It would be easy to do a daytrip into Rome from here as well.

We descended down the funicular, stuffed ourselves in our rental car and headed north.


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