Places: The Drive

While our family has never shied away from a big drive, our March break road trip was one of the most ambitious yet. Our destination for the break was St. Simons Island in Georgia and to get there involves a lot of time on the Interstate. You can see the full route we took there and back on this map. We decided to break it up a bit more on the way down, stopping for two nights on the road.

Our first stop was the Federal Pointe Inn in Gettysburg, PA. We toured the downtown which is filled with buildings that had significance in the battle of Gettysburg on the first night and enjoyed our historic hotel, previously an old schoolhouse. This was a gem, with soaring 15-foot ceilings, wide hallways, only 18 rooms but all the modern conveniences that you would want.

Federal Pointe Inn
Cemetery Hill

About 800kms later down the I-95, we pulled into Florence, SC for our second night on the road. While it may not have quite the same level of fame as the ‘other’ Florence we visited in the fall, I would argue that the fried seafood at Tubb’s was better than any that can be found in the Italian version.

From Florence, it was a half-day trip to our final destination but we took our time, stopping at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge to spot some gators, and at our favorite restaurant from the last time we were there; Sisters of the New South. This ‘meat and three’ spot cannot be beat and we couldn’t justify being so close without stopping in for some fried chicken and sides.

Gator hunting
Meat and three

On the way back, we decided to compress the trip even more so we could spend as much time as possible down south and still make it back for work on Monday. We decided to skip the I-95 on the way home so we did not have to deal with the congestion that is always present around Washington D.C. Instead, we headed north toward Charlotte on the I-77 before merging on to the I-81 that would deliver us to the 401. This was a much more pleasant drive as we were able to enjoy seeing the Blue Mountains and had a great hotel in Harrisonburg, PA just outside Shenandoah National Park. As with any good drive home, I think we took approximately three photos during the course of the two days, none of them particularly good. It was also downright comical to see the number of Ontario plates heading north on the I-77; every second car seemed to be headed back to winter. In the two days, we ended up travelling just over 2000kms; no matter how you slice it, North America is still huge!

Overall, we traveled just over 4200kms – a heck of a distance but I don’t think it would be hesitant to do it again. The kids were champs in the car, they loved stopping at the rest stops along the way to run around like crazy, play Frisbee and freeze tag and then load back up with their iPads to watch Big Hero 6….again!

When you do 1100kms a day, the ‘no eating in the car’ rule is suspended

I haven’t run it by H yet but I happened to stumble upon this version of the ultimate American roadtrip today. Maybe next year….


4 thoughts on “Places: The Drive”

  1. Great – I will do a separate post for the Saint Simons area as well – we really enjoyed it, and it was sure a nice break from this winter.

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