The Stay: Yutacan Peninsula

Typically when we travel I will find a place I think we’d like to stay and then worry about flights et al. afterward. When considering Mexico, there seemed to be plenty of options so we booked flights that worked and then went from there.

We already knew that we weren’t going to consider resorts but I was amazed by the multitude of options available on Airbnb. There were all sorts of different options in the peninsula that we considered but after choosing Tulum, we quickly settled on this newly built two bedroom condo. It was central to the town and the beach and since we knew we’d have a car, it was a great option. Although the pool wasn’t heated, the warm weather was enough to make it pleasant and our kids seem impervious to any temperature of water regardless. The roof deck made the place as we spent many mornings up there having our coffee.

In Akumal, the place we stayed worked out well as we only needed it for three nights rather than a whole week. Attached to the massive Bahia Principe resort, these condos had access to the amenities of the resort but also had their own beautiful pool and facilities that we found less crowded and even nicer. The condo itself was beautiful and was a great deal. I am not sure how the economics of buying a place like this works for the price they were renting for but it worked out well for us! For an easy vacation of just relaxing by the pool and enjoying the sun, this would be a great spot.

My full Airbnb wish list is here. Based on the selection, it is clear we still have lots of exploring to do in the area.



3 thoughts on “The Stay: Yutacan Peninsula”

    1. This is a great option; we actually just booked to go back again this winter and will take advantage of an ‘easy vacation’ by the pool!

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