Places: Summer 2016 Roadtrip

On Saturday, we will leave for our most ambitious roadtrip yet. Last year we tackled Eastern Canada, which you can check out here, but this year we will head west and the 4000km we travelled last year looks pretty easy compared to this year’s task.

Through to Alberta we pretty much have our route set; although the Google Map above doesn’t reflect it, we will actually head through Sault Ste. Marie and follow Lake Superior up to Thunder Bay before passing through Winnipeg, Saskatoon and to Edmonton. On the way back, we are a little undecided as to what route we will take and whether we want to include a large city such as Chicago – this may need to be something we decide as we go.

Although I have done the drive many years ago, I am excited to show the kids the great diversity of landscapes in Canada and I hope we will be able to do that by travelling through the Canadian Shield, the Prairies, the Rockies and the Badlands. I also expect they will gain a new appreciation of the enormity of our great country. The four-hour flight to Edmonton doesn’t translate in the same way.

If anyone has suggestions for ‘must-see’ spots, or ‘must-eat’ restaurants, we’d certainly appreciate your ideas and hopefully we can add to them when we return. If you’d like, follow along with our adventure on Instagram with @uhrblock or on the sidebar of this site.


4 thoughts on “Places: Summer 2016 Roadtrip”

  1. I’m excited for you! As a child, we made the trip from Edmonton to Montreal every second summer, by car, and I’ve done it twice as an adult, and I’ve seen MANY variations on the route. I would suggest foregoing Chicago, and either heading through Minneapolis to Green Bay and then North along the lake – or Fargo to Duluth and across through Marguette – up to Sault Ste Marie and then if you like, on the ferry from Manitoulin Island back through Toronto – OR – try coming over the bridge to Mackinac Island – down to Flint and across to London, ONT. I can still totally picture all those places, so makes me think they were memorable? Although, perhaps the fact that my only memory of Chicago is a rest stop in December in blowing snow by O’Hare airport doesn’t endear me to that city??

  2. We did half that trip last year, sort of, stopping about 20 minutes shy of the MB/ON border, flying to and from Yellowknife, and then heading back to Ottawa – one leg over and leg under Lake Superior. As a result, we saw more Canadian Shield than anyone needs to see. Your trip sounds much better, because more diverse. Enjoy!

  3. I’ve done the trip, and seen it’s glory. ..and the stuff in between 😉 As an Albertan, I’m proud to say that there is no shortage of amazing things to see and do!! Safe travels and look forward to hearing about it!

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