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Places: Lac Champagne, QC

Although I am pretty torn on whether I would actually want to own a cottage, there is no doubt that I always love going to other people’s cottages. It’s a little bit like my relationship with pools and boats.

Luckily, we have some friends who are kind enough to invite us up to their cottage about an hour north of Ottawa at least once a year. Last weekend, they invited us up along with another family we are friends with to enjoy the lake and escape the heat of Ottawa. (Sunday was the warmest day in the past two years!)

After packing up what felt like most of our house, we were ready to go and we spent the weekend just as I’d want to at the cottage. We sat in the sun on the dock, ate lots of food, drank some cold pops, and swam in the lake. The kids all played great together, Lil’ E barely got out of the water the entire weekend, and the rest of them tried for hours without success to catch fish off the dock with a net. Sunday was a bit rough as we managed to stay up until about three in the morning on Saturday night talking around all sorts of nonsense before getting to bed.

The cottage was a perfect respite from work and home and the small roadtrip got us excited to head out on our more substantial one next weekend

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