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Places: South Shore, Nova Scotia

Wow – Labour Day weekend ended and then all of a sudden it was Thanksgiving and now the end of October is in sight! I am not sure what happened in between but enough that I didn’t seem to have time to keep up with this! As a result, I will be going back in time to capture some of our other summer adventures and maybe there will be enough of a lull now that I won’t fall behind on anything else.

Continuing on from our train car experience, we headed to the south shore of Nova Scotia – just outside of Lunenburg on an ocean-front site at Risser’s Beach Provincial Park. While being oceanfront provided an incredible view, but it also provided an incredible wind! As we stepped out of our car, it nearly knocked us over and it took a fair amount of patience to even get the tent up.

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We went to bed pretty early the first night and then a couple of hours later we were awoken by a thunderstorm that was right on top of us. It was the most intense that I can remember and sounded even worse with the crashing of waves on the rocks as the tide was coming in. After a few minutes of waiting for it to pass, we were all certain we were only moments away from a bolt of lightning hitting our tent, or a tree falling on it, so we made a break for the car and waited it out there. That is the only time I can ever remember doing that but it certainly seemed like a good idea. While E, H, and I watched anxiously out the windows, N just slept right through and didn’t remember a thing in the morning.

Although we got off to a rough start, we awoke to a beautful morning the next day and the kids played around on the rocks that separated our site from the ocean before we took off to Lunenburg.

In Lunenburg, we enjoyed exploring the waterfront and the Bluenose II was actually in port so we got to go on board that as well. After a delicious lunch at the Salt Shaker Deli overlooking the harbour, we went to the Lunenburg Fisheries Museum. This has to be one of the best value museums there is. We spent a full four hours exploring the many exhibits, the touch tank and listening to presentations for less than $20 for the four of us. The kids loved the exhibits and it was a great experience.

We returned to a much more calm evening at our campsite and enjoyed our view and the beautiful setting.

From Lunenburg we headed to Halifax, a city I’ve never spent much time in – and we didn’t spend much this trip either. After arriving at our hotel right downtown, we cleaned up for camping and then were ready to head out. We ate on the patio at the Stubborn Goat in beautiful weather and then set off for the harbourfront to do the tourist circuit. We rode the ferry over to Dartmouth, ate some Cows ice cream and climbed up and slid down the big wave before finally making it back to our hotel.

The next morning, after debating whether to spend another night, we made a break for Fundy National Park and the last couple of nights of our trip after finding a campsite that had opened up. Before leaving Halifax though, we took advantage of our National Park Pass one more time and visited the Halifax Citadel. Although I thought the soldiers would be a hit with N, it was actually E that enjoyed all the exhibits and the participants in period clothing. After a couple of hours there, we were on our way again – headed west.


The Stay: Train Station Inn, Tatamagouche, NS

Who could possibly give up the opportunity to sleep in a train caboose? In planning her trip, my mom had come across the Train Station Inn and suggested that it might be quite a hit for our kids as we left Prince Edward Island. To call it a hit would be underselling it; I am pretty sure they would still be there if they could be and they weren’t the only ones that were impressed with this unique accommodation.

Caboose #9

The Train Station Inn is a collection of cabooses and train cars that have been renovated into unique hotel rooms and located on the tracks surrounding the century-old Tatamagouche train station. The Inn opened up in 1989 and has been chosen before as the most unique place to stay in Canada.

We stayed in Caboose #9 – a two-bedroom caboose with 2 conductor seats in the cupola where the kids spent most of their time. It also featured a private deck on the back and somehow also had a shower and bathroom squished in there.

I don’t believe the caboose had the deck while in service.

We also enjoyed breakfast in the train station the next morning and exploring the small town of Tatamagouche, complete with excellent bakery and their own microbrewery Although we were only in Tatamagouche for one night, the caboose accommodation provided a memorable experience that I would certainly recommend. 

Places: The Maritimes

In our quest to see more of Canada, this summer we headed East. After 18 days, five provinces and 4900 kilometres we finally pulled back into the driveway on Sunday night and can at least say we’ve put a small dent in it. Over the next week or so I will post some of the details of our trip but for now, here’s a glance at our route:

We had unbelievable weather, particularly for this part of the world, never spending any time at all inside due to rain. Our minivan performed admirably, even as our GPS continued to lead us through backroads that could only be loosely categorized as roads at all. If you’d like to get a sneak peek of our adventures, check out my instagram photos in the sidebar. Otherwise, stay tuned…